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Feb 19th 2007


Eris Filgueras wins three in a row at Florida Winter Tour on Birel C28CJ in MiniMax Class

Eric Filgueiras wins three in a row at Florida Winter Tour on Birel C28CJ in MiniMax Class
with 6 finishes in top 4 positions= 3 wins, 1 second, 2 fourth

Birel C28CJ is four wins in four races in Florida Winter Tour in MiniMax Class

Eric Figueras win first three rounds and Sage Karam wins Round #4 with Eric Filgueras in second place.  Round #3 Birel finished 1-2-3 in MiniMax with Eric, Sage and Dore Chaponick.  All drivers are on the Birel C28CJ chassis with 30mm axle.  Stunning results, considering that both Eric and Sage are running MiniMax for the very first time.  Our congratulations to all the drivers and good luck in the last two Rounds of the FWT at Ocala.


Dec 2nd 2006

We have made some important changes to our website:

A "NEW KARTER" section was added.  This is intended to be for the would be karter.  Give a little history and introduction to karting.

Under the Birel section, we have added most of the upcoming 2007 models.  Models R31SV, CR31SV and CMX32SV will be available for sale through us at just around Christmas.

Under the Easykart section, we have added the new Easykart 125cc shifter.  Well overdue in it's introduction, but soon available in large quantities.  The first Easykart shifter that came to the USA was on display at the Nascar race at Homestead in November.  Another Shifter shipment is due to arrive around the 20th of December, limited quantities are available, so call now to reserve.

Under the Race Schedule section we have added the latest from the Florida Winter Tour.  Soon we will post other South Florida tracks as they become available.









Josh #88 leading a lap into
Turn 1 @ Palmetto

The weather cleared up on Sunday allowing a return to dry conditions.  All was not well though; during qualifying Josh’s rear bumper came loose causing him to be black-flagged after only two hot laps.  However those two hot laps were good enough to place Josh fourth on the grid for the prefinal.  At the start of the prefinal, Josh was able to make up two spots to get into the second place around the outside of the first corner.  Once again Josh finished second in the prefinal.

For the main, Josh tried an aggressive move to grab the lead in the first two turns. Just when it looked like he was going to remain in second he was hit from behind and was involved in a crash sending him to last place.  Fortunately for him the race was red flagged before a lap had been completed allowing a complete restart.  At the green flag Josh maintained his position and held his second place to the end of the race.  

Josh has a unique record at this Palmetto track, he has finished second in all three Rotax International class races ever held at this track.

All in all it was a weekend which bodes well for Josh’s later assault for the ICA crown in the Stars of Karting series.  Josh wishes to thank RYSA Racing, Al Duenas of SSC South, Bill Winchester, Chip van Vurst of MustangsandMiatas, Doug Bernard of Tropical Commodities, Luke Chiovitti, and Mike Roth for making this weekend possible.


Juan Carlos Diaz, 2001 SKUSA S1 National Championship winning mechanic, takes full-time position with RYSA Racing.


In another move to continue to evolve as the Premier Kart shop in South Florida, RYSA Racing has brought Juan Carlos Diaz (nickname Wanky) on board.  Juan Carlos, was Kyle Wharff's mechanic when he took the SKUSA S1 World Championship title in 2001.  

Juan Carlos, has already been Rotax certified and among his many duties will be RotaxMax engine service.  "Wanky" has been the tuner on Robert Cao's Birels for the last two years.  Although he has been very close to RYSA Racing the last many years, he has now accepted a full-time position with the shop.  This move bring another professional into our Team and will enhance our ability to service our customer base.  Rudy, owner of RYSA Racing had this to say "Wanky is well respected by the South Florida karting community, he is very friendly, helpful and a true professional. I look forward to working alongside him.  I know my shop and my race team will benefit tremendously from his knowledge and expertise."

Juan Carlos, will be the head mechanic at RYSA Racing and will continue his duties on Robert Cao karts.  He is looking forward to the 2004 FL SKUSA Winter Tour, as he becomes acclimatized with his new position.  We all welcome him onboard.


RYSA Racing adds CRG chassis to line-up.


RYSA Racing has formed an association with SouthEast CRG Distributor SSC South, to include the CRG line to it's kart line-up.  

In the growing need to respond to our customer base and the South Florida karting market, the addition of the CRG line was inevitable.  With the presence of SSC South, whose warehouses are located in Miami, it will enhance our ability to deliver CRG product quickly to our customers.  SSC South is also the SouthEast distributor of Rotax engines, so strengthening this relationship will mean great long-term support for our Rotax customer base as well.

The CRG karts will be sold along side our other kart lines, that of Arrow, Birel, Easykart and KartMini.  This move has been well received by the South Florida karting community, as introduction of new karting products will ensure the continued expansion of karting in our region.


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