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May 11th 2008:

Cody Johnson's weekend at Monticello, FL

Cody arrived at Monticello with huge expectations for another great weekend.  But sometimes things just don't work out as planned.

Here's Cody's story for Round #3 of the Florida WKA Series:  "Monticello Raceway was the site of the 3rd race of the 2008 WKA Florida Championship series. My dad and I arrived at the Monticello Raceway early Friday morning with my kart and Yamaha motor in the back of our truck, we have found out that if you are not pulling a huge trailer it saves you a lot off gas and money, well any way Fridays practice went pretty good for me I was fast all day in and out of the draft, I tried not to put to much time on my motor so I could save it for the race. Come Saturday morning we went out for a couple of practices and the started getting ready for Qualifying. This weekend we decided to save money and not use new tires. Without new tires I Qualified 4th but I was not the least bit worried because I knew all our tires would be equal come the final.

The start of the pre-final was hectic dash into the first corner which just happens to be a hairpin. Somebody does not decide to use his brakes and pushes someone into the corner which in turn piles the whole field in the corner except the leader and he check out! I on the other hand fell all the way back to last or around there but I slowly worked my way to second and that is where I would start the final.

In the start of the final the leader got a huge advantage so the track officials had a complete restart in the second restart I came out third and I had my tire pressure adjusted so the they would come in later in the run, just a couple of laps into the final we where heading into the hair-pin in the back when all of a sudden I was hit really hard from the behind by the fourth place kart making me lose the leaders and fall back to 6th place and that's where I finished.

I learned when something like this happens you just need to stay calm and every thing will work it self out. I would like to thank my mom and dad and all the people that help me like Switch racing motors, Corey Reeves, Wes Phillips, Rudy and all the people
from RYSA Racing and Richard Gray." 


April 15th 2008:

Cody Johnson joins the RYSA Racing lineup of drivers

The driver lineup at RYSA Racing has just been strengthened with the addition of Cody Johnson.  Cody plans on running the 2008 R30CX in the Rotax Jr class and in the Yamaha Can class.  Cody is a regular in the Florida Winter Tour, the Florida RotaxMax Challenge Series and the Florida WKA Series.

Cody took delivery of his new Birel at this month's FL WKA race at Homestead and with no prior testing quickly jumped to the top of the time charts on Friday practice and then grabbed the pole and swept the rest of the weekend.  What a way to start with a new manufacturer.

Cody has the following to say:  "
The start of the second WKA Florida championship series premiering in Homestead was great race for me on my new kart Birel R30.  I think making the transition from Arrow to Birel was a great decision to make, the Birel handled a lot better than the Arrow and I was a lot faster.  Saturday started off with rainy conditions in the morning but stopped and started to dry off during qualifying but still had to run rain tires.  I got the pole leading into the pre final and held onto it with second and third place right behind me, after the pre final we found out that our right rear hub had slid in and had effected the handling giving the second and third place guys a chance to catch up to me.  To start the final we had changed a couple things and where pretty confidante that we could hold on to win.  The final was a great race with me and my friend John Gula swapping the lead back and forth with me taking the lead on the last lap and held on to win the race. I'd like to thank all my sponsors and people that helped me get to where I am now.  Rysa Racing , Gray Racing, Switch engines, and my mom and dad."

Good luck to Cody in his upcoming races.  Tune in here regularly for updates from Cody         




The new magnesium rims are the result of a project aimed at optimizing the performance of the tires. Tests carried out by the Birel racing department have, in fact, shown lower and more uniform tread wear in comparison with the previous model. To the eye, the differences are mainly in form (the new model contains less space between the rim and the tire) and in the anchor points at the rear hub which, from the standard three, can be increased to six. Increasing the anchor points can lead to stiffness of the rim-hub ensemble which will guarantee a better “grip” at the rear.

The new rear-ends are designed primarily to be combined with the new magnesium rims which allow up to six anchor points to the hub. For this reason the standard model has three anchor points which can be increased when necessary to improve the stiffness of the rear-end. Another novelty is the system of securing it to the axle with an aluminium strip which sets on the entire circumference of the hub, allowing it to "work" in a more efficient and stable manner.




This represents a true novelty in the kart world: the possibility to react easily and immediately with dozens of possible steering wheel angles. Due to two eccentric screws mounted at the height where the “tie rods” are anchored, it is, in fact, possible to make adjustments on both the "X" and "Y" axes. Each of the two tie rods can be adjusted in 8 different calibrations for dozens of possible combinations. At some tracks asymmetric adjustments can also be made between the right and left tires, always reacting quickly according to the position of the screws. The new steering column is made of anodized aluminium and is lighter than the standard steering column, besides being created in a much sought after and captivating design in the classic Motorsport colours.



Officially presented with Cik-Fia approval is the new Freeline rear guard, which will be available from January 2008 in the Birel and Freeline sales network.

The new guard is among the lightest on the market, which is certainly not negligible in performance. Moreover, much attention was given to the attachments with the frame, which among other things can include a bar to tighten the rear train if necessary.

The Freeline technicians took advantage of the long development phase of the auxiliary at Birel's racing department, an experience that has proven crucial to producing a reliable product, tested and able to make the frame "work" well without influencing performance.

The guard will be available in two colors: black and blue.


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