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Birel Karts     27 World Championships since 1959 makes Birel a leader in it's field.  The Birel chassis represents the best of the Italian breed.  Umberto Sala, father of current owner Oscar Sala, built his first chassis in 1959 in Lissone, Italy.  The company captured it first World Championship in 1967 at the hands of Edgardo Rossi.  Since then other World Champions have names like Terry Fullerton, Riccardo Patrese, Lake Speed (USA), Stefano Modena, Mike Wilson, Gianluca Beggio.  Birel had been the choice of others like Mika Hikkenen, Christian Fittipaldi, Eddy Cheever and the late Elio De Angelis.

Easykarts    This formula of electric start or "touch and go" karts is a combination of two of the largest karting manufacturers in the world, a Birel chassis and an IAME engine.  The engine packages are 50cc for 5 to 7 year old, 60cc for 8 to 11 year old, 100cc for 12 to 15 year old and 125cc for 15 and up.  These karts all have spec engines running on spec Birel chassis with spec Easykart Tires.  Excellent performance, easy of use and competitive pricing make this class an ideal entry class into the sport of karting.  Operating expenses are further reduced because all components of engine and chassis are spec.

Monza Karts    The Monza is built by Birel using all Freeline components.  Given as an option to the Birel Motorsport line, but at a cheaper price.  Tubing is all 32mm with 50mm axle.


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