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Welcome to the exciting world of kart racing.  This is a very interesting environment and a great sport for all involved.  Karting has no boundaries; young, old; girl, boy; man, woman; student, professional; even slow and quick.  It appeals to people of all ages and from all walks of life Kart racing has something to offer everyone regardless of gender, nationality, race or religion.  Much more than just a hobby, karting is usually the first step in the journey to becoming a professional race car driver.  The low entry costs makes it is easily affordable by most.  There's a place for everyone from the local level up to the national level.  Many programs and classes are available so it's easy to get involved and experience the thrill of kart racing.   It provides a place for those who want the challenge of racing competition to do so at an affordable price.  It is maybe the most competitive yet inexpensive form of motor racing available.  Karting provides an excellent avenue to develop and fine-tune driving skills in a controlled environment.  For young racers, karting is a excellent training ground.  The majority of today's professional race car drivers began their careers as kart racersMany, perhaps most Formula One racers grew up racing karts, most prominent among them Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost, Fernando Alonso and Kimi Räikkönen.  Many NASCAR drivers also got their start in racing from karts, such as Darrell Waltrip, Lake Speed, Ricky Rudd, Tony Stewart, and Jeff Gordon. 

Kart racing is usually used as a low-cost and relatively safe way to introduce drivers to motor racing.  Many people associate it with young drivers, but adults are also very active in karting.  Karting is considered the first step in any serious racer's career.  It can prepare the driver for high-speed wheel-to-wheel racing by helping develop quick reflexes, precision car control, and decision-making skills.  In addition, it brings an awareness of the various parameters that can be altered to try to improve the competitiveness of the kart (examples being tire pressure, gearing, seat position, chassis stiffness) that also exist in other forms of motor racing.  Racing classes start at age 5 and generally run in 3-year age groupings or weight divisions until “senior” status is reached at age 15 or 16, depending on the series.

Karting is a great family-oriented sport. The entire family can participate as there can be a job for everyone, from packing for the races, preparing the kart, taking lap times, cleaning the kart and even preparing lunch for the Team.  It provides a great opportunity for a family to do something together as a team.  This helps to enhance communication skills, management skills, encourage a goal oriented mindset and even helps build character.


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