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Well the easiest way is to buy a kart and show up at your local track.  BUT this may not be the best way.

The most logical way, is to locate the track nearest you and attend one of it's sessions.  This can be either a practice day or race event.  You might want to buy a pit pass, wander around the pits and watch the races from there.  This way, you are right where the action is.  You will get a good feel for how races are run and see some of what it takes to go racing.  This is also a great opportunity to ask questions.  Ask the drivers about how they started and their choice of equipment.  Also generally ask about their opinions on things such as what's the most popular class of karts for your age group.  Ask about the availability of parts and services and which karts have local dealers.  Ask for recommendations on a good kart shop.  Once you have the answers to these questions, then you can begin to consider if karting is right for you and which class you should consider getting into. 

Next step would be to consider buying a new or used kart.  A new kart has the benefits of being new, but a used kart allows you to save money on the initial purchase.  This is a tough choice, as getting a used kart may be an initial savings but may be more costly in the long term.  If you consider a used kart, make sure it is a current year model with an engine that is legal for competition.  Also examine the frame for any cracks and signs of any damage and abuse.  A look at the underside of the kart usually gives a great idea of the type of use.  Look at the wear on the bolts & nuts on the underside and for the amount of scraps on the frame.  Our personal advice is "if in doubt buy new", this is not a sales pitch but rather a view from our years of experience. 

Consider visiting your local kart shop and speak to the owner.  Kart shop owners are usually ex-karters and are all too familiar with the indecisiveness that goes along with buying your first kart.  If the shop owner came recommended by a few of the people that you spoke to at the track, then speak openly and seek his advice.  It's important always to consider the classes that are most popular at your local track and purchase equipment suitable to compete in those classes.

Another of our recommendations would be to seek out a local rental go-kart track and rent a kart for try out.  Maybe consider doing a school in a racing kart with an experienced instructor.  Always speak to people involved in the sport and make notes as to their recommendations.  Then it's time to jump in. 

Hopefully, if you are located in the South Florida area, you can visit our shop and speak to us at RYSA Racing.  We have an excellent reputation for giving proper recommendations to would be karters.  We are committed to guiding a potential new karter in the proper manner and do so with the highest integrity in the business.  We take the time to advise on the best course for each individual, whether it's a new kart or a used kart, we work to get and keep your business long term.  Our policy is that the sale is not complete until the new karter has driven his kart on the our track for a trouble free first session.  Looking forward to hearing from you or meeting you in person.


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